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feeling expressions session for sixth grade at Espaniol school               

self identity sessions for sixth and seventh grade at Jeel Jadeed School that is related to individual

Solving problem session for "sanafer group" in children literature program                       

various photos from " taking decision " life skill in children literature program for Jothour

Open Day that took place at the Beauty Salon at the Saraya Center that included different services like

participants evaluation for training "How to be positive "with osama faraj"    

the Saraya Center honered its participants " makeup women participants and " emeregency committie"

Yesterday's Ice breaking activities at Rawda Hadeetheh school for seventh grade -b- on the 5th of

Part of creative activities during the past two days that included Dabkeh ,Choral,handcrafts in addition

Tutorial Day in makeup and hairdressing done by Jamil Samara Salon at the Saraya Center for women participants

The Saraya Center has conducted team building activities in sixth and seventh grade at Sharafat School

youth participation in the initiative " alternative unconventional methods used inside schools far