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COOPI is an independent Italian  humanitarian NGO that fights against all kinds of poverty. It aims to contribute to the process of fighting poverty and developing the communities with which it cooperates all over the World ,intervening in situations of emergency,restruction and development, in order to achieve a better balance between the Global North and the Global South, between developed areas and deprived or developing areas

Since  2009 till now COOPI  has a strong  Partnership with Al Saraya Center through several projects funded by European Union ending up with  “Promoting East Jerusalem innovation and sustainable economic development through TVET.

The aim of the project is to raise the awareness in schools and increase the positive thinking toward the vocational education and training. In this project we worked with school students ,parents , counselors and teachers .

Changing the mentality of people is not easy and needs time ,but through the continuous and accumulative work we can reach our goal and have the best results. We do believe in the importance of such projects for its significant impact in changing the negative perception on the targeted groups especially when talking about vocational education where they think it’s only for failures but after the workshops they started to realize the difference and enriched their knowledge about it , especially after visiting the schools and training centers and know more about vocational professions.