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Diakonia is an international development organization with Christian values that works together with local partner organizations for sustainable change for the most vulnerable people in the world .

Since 2004 Diakonia is funding children literature program  at the Saraya Center ,this last project started in 2016 till 2020 ,The idea of the project stresses on the importance of investing in Jerusalemite individuals, building on their capacities, improving their social, economic, and educational status

The project aims to empower the Jerusalemites to become pioneers and to be able to survive in Jerusalem, besides finding alternatives to improve and change the reality. This could be achieved through empowering their life skills, exploring their talents. By doing this, we are helping them to identify their  personalities, to make them able to deal with life challenges, to increase their self-esteem and to help them plan for the future while taking the appropriate decisions. Therefore, we will provide the Jerusalemite individuals with the means needed to  participate and indulge in the surrounding environments, which will improve their pioneer roles to community change.  

Life skills contribute to a large extent in helping children live in a healthy and safe environment, far from problems and risks. In addition, life skills have a huge role in polishing their character ,where it's not only a tool to  let them avoid problems but also to be effective and to cope with their community which are all necessary to create a creative Jerusalemite pioneer.

The project targets children from the ages 6-17 years , we will work with them inside the center  dividing them into 5 groups in addition to working with school students  because we believe they are the main asset in achieving the innovative social change. Of course, this can’t be achieved without an accumulative work to have a long term impact.