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Al-Saraya is working on the establishment of a center that includes multiple types of information sources. This will give a chance for workers, professionals and target groups to access information through both written and electronic self-learning material.

Al-Saraya seeks to establish a center that contains an educational environment with creative tools and means. This center will be the first center in the old city of Jerusalem that includes several educational means that are connected directly to Al-saraya’s vision.

This Center also provides audio-visual and self-learning educational materials that could serve different target groups (youth, children and women), along with Al-Saraya’s employees, social workers in similar organizations.

The center will include the following sections:

  • Written sources: such as books, magazines, manuals.
  • Audio sources: such as recordings.
  • Visual sources: such as photos, films, documentaries.
  • Tangible sources: such as educational games.

Of course, collecting and storing these sources will not be enough, we will work hard to reach our target group through holding workshops, and through flyers and our Facebook page to let them know more about the center and how to use it. We will also reactivate the lending system in our library through preparing educational bags that include books and novels and educational games with a DVD. The center will combine how to get the traditional information with modern technology means through providing a healthy environment to exchange experiences and to enrich the work of the center.