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Volunteers training about "The non-traditional methods to develop the academic and social activities

Al Saraya Center-adult education program-  conducted "Naroy al-Hakayat”

Saraya Community for Community Services conducted the activities of the summer camps "Shqaa’ek

The new edition of the magazine " snow ball " is now available at Alsaraya Center. For more

The best social initiative was chosen according to a criteria previously set by an evaluation committee. The

73 Jerusalemite women attended an open day under the name “Zahret Neesan”. This open day included several activities such as, a meeting with the nutritionist “Afanan Dweik”, distributing gifts for the audience, the accessories and embroidery corner. The women were also able to use the services of the beauty salon in the center for free.

Al-Saraya center’s team participated in the vocational open day that was implemented by the Educational

On the 8th of May,2016, the trainer “Rawan Ghneim” participated in the one of the activities